jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('video').bind('contextmenu',function() { return false; }); }); Dann Parry – Stop-Motion Director and Part-Time Recluse who Sometimes Draws

Hello. I'm Dann.

Born twenty-something years ago in a tiny village that could easily be mistaken for a squished fruit fly on a map, I moved to Farnham, Surrey to study BA Animation at the University for the Creative Arts.
It was there in my attic that I found an oil painting of myself. “Perhaps I should nail my soul to the Devil's altar,” I murmered and in a flash, my soul escaped my body and hurtled towards the painting.
Unfortunately, my soul ended up missing and hitting a near-by armature. And from then on I was transformed into a stop-motion animator.
I was awarded a First Class Honours for my troubles.

Then, after skulking in the shadows of the animation studios at the Royal College of Art in search of a masters I have now escaped victorious with the other two thirds of my collective, Tripstitch, and have been released into the mortal realm, a phrase here meaning 'South London'.



Taichung International Animation Festival, Taiwan. October
B-Movie, Underground and Trash Film Festival, Netherlands. August
Guanajuato International Film Festival, Mexico. July
Rio Festival de Gênero & Sexualidade no Cinema, Brazil. July
Camberley International Festival, UK. June
Cefalù Film Festival, Italy. 1st May
33 Lovers Film Festival – Torino LGBTQI Visions:International Iconoclastic Competition, Italy. 20th - 24th April
Out & Loud - Pune International Queer Film Festival, India. 6th April
BFI Flare: Revelate, London, 29th - 30th March


Pride Friday Film Festival, Leeds Queer Film Festival, Leeds. 4th August
ARS Independent Festival, Katowice, Poland. 28th September
Flux Screening Series, Hammer Museum, California. 8th October
Sunday Shorts Halloween Special, London. 29th October
Palm Springs International Animation Festival, California. 9th - 11th November
FliQs Queer Film Night, Montreal, Canada. 13th November
Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest, London. 14th November


Ozark Shorts: Monthly Film Festival, across USA. April
Sunday Shorts, Peckham. 12th June
Drunken Film Festival, Bradford. 28th July
BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York. 3rd - 6th November.


Short Sighted Cinema: With or Without You, London. 21st June
Guildford Fringe Festival: Fresh from Farnham, Guildford. 9th July
Puppet Place Festival: New Visions, Bristol. 26th Aug - 6th Sep
Post Mortem: International Horror & Bizarre Short Film Festival, Aguascalientes, Mexico. 1st - 4th Oct
Dorking Film Festival: Adult Short Films, Dorking. 17th Oct


Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival, Bristol. 18th September
Green Horn Short Film Festival: Animation Freakatorium, London. 16th November

NB. I do actually have a portrait of myself painted in oils but I am yet to find eternal youth.


Awards & Nominations


BEST UK FILM: Camberley International Festival, UK. June
33 Lovers Film Festival – Torino LGBTQI Visions:International Iconoclastic Competition Nominee, Italy. 20th - 24th April


Nominated for the Royal Television Society Southern Central Student award in Animation, Guildford. 4th March
Semi-Finalist in the Elche International Independent Film Festival, Spain in Animation. July
Best Student Film: Nominee; Shortpole IFF, London. Summer
Best Animation: Nominee; Shortpole IFF, London. Summer


2017: Interview with The New Current about my film, Birds of a Feather

A lot of the inspiration came from my experiences in the queer community – whether that be societies, clubs or Grindr – as well as my own feelings on growing up as a rural gay. Often when I’ve talked to others, whether queer or not, it can often be quite surprising that homophobia isn’t just some mythical beast that has disappeared in the 21st Century but that hate is still there and sometimes it is even in our own communities. I wanted to look more into this and try and see where this  internal hatred and fear can come from as well as how it can quickly become external and aggressive.

The animation portrays the various stages at which the right to a fair trial can be eroded and the devastating consequences losing this fundamental right can have.