Two wrestlers approach each other to battle for male dominance, but soon the fight descends into something even more animalistic as hypermasculinity clashes with desire.

New animation from Dann Parry, Lock Horns is an animated commentary on hyper-masculinity and aggression shows how what can begin as a display of strength, ‘manliness’ and heterosexuality can quickly blur into sexualisation and homo-erotism – sometimes the very thing it is trying not to be.

Contains Mature Content

Little Dot Studios presents a film by Dann Parry for Channel 4’s Random Acts, 2019.

Music: Tom Walters of Kitsch Kub
Animation Assistants: Simji Park and Laura N-Tamara
Commissioning Editor: Catherine Bray
Commissioning Assistant: Jake Cunningham
Sex Consultant: Gracie Joy
With thanks to Orlando Da Silva Jr.

© Dann Parry MMXIX



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