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Birds of a Feather, 2017

An emotionally wresting animation that packs as much punch into its four and a half minutes as most features do in two hours

- Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest.

Birds of a Feather is an animated short film that follows a man and his struggle with his identity, projected anxieties and relationships over the course of an evening. He has to contend with his insecurities with being seen with another man and his fear as feathers start to grow from his body.

The film explores the worries and upset a person can face from both internalised and externalised homophobia. Ultimately, it draws on current events, such as the horrific attack in the Pulse bar in Orlando, and explore how even now the LGBT community can still find itself under attack and where that fear and hatred can come from.

Royal College of Art, 2017

Contains Mature Content

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Without Fair Trials, 2016

An animation for a charity campaign that explores what would happen in a world without the right to a fair trial; created with my collective, Tripstitch.

Visit withoutfairtrials.org for more information.

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Love and Papercuts, 2015

The Waiting Room, 2014

A girl waiting for the doctor becomes trapped in a forest of her anxieties and the buzzing is getting louder.

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Bound, 2016

Struggling to escape a desolate forest of his own making, a man is being followed by the creature he is bound to.

Royal College of Art, 2016

Contains Mature Content

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Subject 16 | Matija Cop, 2016


Directed shoot of Matija Cop's garment. Shown on loop beside the garments on display.

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The Boy and His Monster, 2014

A boy finds himself awoken late at night to the invitation of tea but a figure is watching over him and he’s not all that he seems.

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